Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth hour 2009, Turku Finland

Getting ready to switch off all the lights in about 12 minutes now. Just checked the Finland earth hour site and, to my delight, found out that my hometown is among the 103 Finnish communities who are going to observe the global event. Interesting to see what will happen... Will all the street lights be go dark, for example?

It's been snowing all day so it won't actually be all that dark even without any lights anywhere, although darkness has fallen already.

Following Earth hour on Twitter was interesting, and for the first time really made me happy I joined Twitter in the end! From there I happened to see the following link

Wow, following that link it was interesting to see the difference compared to this photo of mine from last December. This really made me happy for the first time that I joined Twitter after all!

But, buuhuu, Earth hour Finland is here, and all the streetlights are still glaring! Not much of an effort from our local government. I expect all they did was to switch off the lights from the administration buildings...

In our house, though, it's like Christmas in candlelight. It rather looks like Christmas outside, too, with soft snow still quietly falling down.

Even our fishies in the fishtank are having an early night. I will now switch off the computer, too, and reflect in the dark for the rest of the hour.

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