Sunday, 12 August 2007

Back to Blogger!

Tried with Wordpress for a while, but never really got to like their features... I don't know why exactly. It seems that I mostly like to play with the colourful widgets that Blogger allows me to add to my blog. How vain can you get??

Anyway, I also learned that while it is fairly easy to import blog postings from Blogger to Wordpress, vice versa is not possible! Hmm. So I had to copy and paste all my posts (not that impressively many - luckily, in this case) manually, losing pictures along the way and having to reupload them. Also, sadly I lost the few precious comments I had acquired while on Wordpress. Can't be helped, unfortunately. Hopefully there will be many more comments soon when I get in the swing of blogging again when it's BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!! Mixed feelings today...

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Summer good-byes

Time to break this loooong silence… Last few precious days of summer holiday at hand. Where did 10 weeks disappear? Well, they didn’t disappear, in fact a lot has happened.

The last 6 weeks have been spent with our American summer exchange student, taking her around southern Finland and even a weekend in Stockholm. Celebrating 4th of July with her brought back lovely memories from 10 years ago.

Beautiful days and evenings by lake Saimaa in the east and in the western archipelago will give me strength and energy for the starting school year.

But now it’s back to school on Monday for us Scandinavians. Full of beans, hopefully. I have been practising with Wikispaces and managed to make a rough outline of one of my French courses. I am quite excited to see how it will work in practice!