Monday, 3 January 2011

What did you ship in 2010?

New year - time to reflect and start anew. Reading Seth Godin's impressive list encouraged me to post my achievements of 2010:
  • Took students to Singapore on a home-stay exchange TWICE, in February and in May.
  • Organised a home-stay exchange in my school for 17 students from New Delhi, India and hosted their accompanying teacher in my home.
  • Organised a home-stay exchange in my school for 7 students from Singapore, and hosted their accompynying teacher in my home.
  • Presented at the national language teachers' union autumn PD seminar.
  • Coordinated and completed an AEC-NET project with almost 300 students from 12 different schools in Asia and Europe.
  • Collaborated with teacher and student partners online, to prepare and rehearse a Prezi presentation and script on the above-mentioned WHAZZUP? 2010 AEC-NET project, with several video clips from the participating schools. It was presented by students, as one of the 6 nominees for the award, at the 9th AEC-NET conference in Gurgaon, Delhi, India. I am proud that our project was one of the 3 award winners!
  • Took part in the above-mentioned AEC-NET conference, and had a chance to revisit India.
  • Completed a 365 photo challenge on Flickr, plus the accompanying blog.
  • Coplanned, collaborated and completed a students' photo project, Through Global Lenses, with two wonderful colleagues in the US and Australia.
  • Received 3 Spanish students for a 3-month Comenius Individual Mobility exchange, and sent one of our students to Spain in return.
It was full year, overwhelming at times, but certainly worth celebrating. CHEERS and thank you all who I had the pleasure of working with in 2010!

What I didn't manage to ship, was to keep this blog active. That will be one of my first priorities in this new year.

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