Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Inauguration Day, Americans!

Interesting new experience today watching Barack H. Obama's inauguration in Washington DC through the CNN and Facebook joint venture. Amazing really. Live coverage of the events on a video screen while in the right-side panel millions of Facebook users kept updating their status and commenting on their feelings and what they saw on TV. Pity I didn't have any friends online to share this with, as it would have been nice to actually share it with someone. And, of course, I was hoping CNN would broadcast the Facebook feed just as my name and comment was on the screen :)

"History in the making, history unfolding, God bless America, Go Obama..." The same catchphrases were repeated over and over, and I must admit even I went crazy at a point, updating my status every few minutes! All those millions of people on the National Mall and around Capitol Hill cheering and waving their Stars and Stripes, many of them with tears in their eyes while listening to Obama's inaugural address. What a great moment, even here across the Atlantic.

Wish I had really been there myself, though. Just like 12 years ago, on this very day, when Bill Clinton swore the oath the second time. Back then we were out and about in chilly DC for the whole day and our then 6-year-old daughter would squat on the pavement eagerly waving her flag in between adults' legs! Oh what nostalgic memories, but happy to have had the chance to be part of the celebrations once in my lifetime.

Will this be among the days about which people will later ask: What were you doing when...? Remains to be seen. Today, however, I feel like the tide is changing for the whole world.

Now back to CNN to watch the Parade and reminisce some more.

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