Sunday, 14 December 2008

7th AEC-NET conference in Sabah, Malaysia

Two more days of the AEC-NET conference left. It's 2 am Malaysian time and I am still awake at my computer in my hotel room. Partly jet-lag, partly the general buzz of the conference stops me from sleeping.

Had such invigorating conversations tonight about the future of education with colleagues from Germany, Hungary, Korea and Singapore. While we seem to share many challenges in education at the moment, there are also many different visions among educators around the world. A lot was said about possible curriculum innovations in the future towards a more holistic, inter-disciplinary approach. Apparently, in Germany they are already taking their first steps towards something like this, with school books offering tips on how to integrate other school subjects into certain units, for example.

I am especially happy about the AEC award that I was given after my presentation of our project on Saturday.

I was positively surprised to see that the panel of judges shared many of my ideas about online work at school. Gives me reassurance that I might be on the right tracks in my experiments... Thank you everyone for your great support!

Other than the hectic working schedule, we have enjoyed many beautifully colourful performances of Sabah cultural dances and music. The students from local schools were especially wonderful to watch at our welcoming dinner.

And today, I had a brief glimpse into the jungles of Borneo on our tour to Mount Kinabalu.

Working groups tomorrow to start planning the details of our next year's projects. I do hope we will manage to recruit some more Asian partners!

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