Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New school year well on its way

Where did the long summer break disappear - once again? I seem to have taken an almost total break from anything school or work-related during my summer holiday. Must have really needed it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, too! Stress-free home life and only a short car trip to central Europe and England. Lovely!

But now it's full steam ahead again. Actually preparing a short presentation for a distance teaching seminar for tomorrow. I am a bit ambivalent about it all, since I have never ever prepared a distance course myself. But I am going to talk about students' interaction and collaboration in international school projects - a topic I hope will also be relevant to creators of distance courses.

While doing my slides I came across a nice tool for creating visual word clouds called wordle. Unfortunately, I got totally carried away with it - and am now putting the last touches to my presentation in the middle of the night. Not good! But anyway, here is a nice word cloud of my blog:
Nice, huh? But now on with my presentation or I won't be able to stay awake tomorrow to give it.

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