Tuesday, 8 January 2008


What bliss - over 2 weeks of lazy holidays in Britain. Finally some time to catch up with some reading, especially as we had no Internet connection either, so no excuse to be drawn into any net activities - although I did miss my lovely little laptop companion at times...

And now it's 2008 and back to school. A lot is awaiting me this spring - exciting stuff, starting with the Singaporeans' visit in the first week of March. Time for the host family hunt again.

While we were away, a parcel had arrived from America. What a marvellous surprise from our exchange student from last summer and her family. A beautiful compilation album of some of her pictures from Finland.

In leather covers and such colourful glossy pages with photos in varying arrangements and sizes. I was amazed at the quality of it and straight away tracked down the webpage of the company called Shutterfly who does these. Well worth checking out, and the prices are not half bad either! When I get a good collection of pictures from my travels or an important occasion I will definitely compile my own photobook, too. Sometimes it's so comforting to actually hold a book in your hands, and leaf through paper pages instead of clicking away and staring at the screen, isn't it?

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