Monday, 10 December 2007

What did YOU learn this weekend??

It's early Monday morning and I have spent a good part of my weekend marking never-ending piles of exams, but also catching up on blog reading and, through that, reflecting on a variety of topics about school and education and learning. How refreshing it was once again to read the posts of so many enthusiastic educators from around the world! One post, in particular, from Chris's Betchablog really struck a chord with me. He explains how further training, studying and blogging, for example, have all opened up new vistas in his working life. Ditto! Unfortunately, I am not much luckier when it comes to sharing all this with my colleagues. So, the following scenario from Chris's post would most probably await me if I really told anyone at work about my weekend activities.
It was this exposure to ideas that flipped switches in my head and caused me to rethink a few things about school and learning. And it made me realise that many teachers never do this sort of thing at all. Try going to work on Monday and when your colleagues ask what you did on the weekend, tell then you went to an education conference (in your own time!) or read a book about learning theory, or chatted with other teachers about how to make learning more relevant, and see the sorts of odd looks you get, or the sarcastic “gee that must have been fun!” comments.

But how lucky we are in this new millennium to have this collectively learning and sharing blogosphere to support, enlighten and inspire us!

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