Thursday, 29 November 2007

Now, blow me!

This test has been going round the blogosphere for some time, and finally I had a go at it, too. Must say, I'm rather surprised at the result - particularly as I am a foreign English speaker/writer/user. It is possible, though, that just because of that I am more inclined to keep rewriting my posts to be taken seriously by native speakers, whose level I will never even come close to - much as I'd love to pass as a pseudo-native. I would imagine some native speakers are tempted to write more colloquially, perhaps? Anyway, I am quite dubious about the credibility or actual worth of tests like these, but still, they are fun, aren't they?

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BOFsensai said...

You titled this 'Blow me': I guess you are using the English version meaning 'can you imagine', as in exasperation, or something like that?
For otherwise, beware of the alternative US meaning....or is that what you meant?!

sinikka said...

Hah hah - I at least try to use British. Your comment was a joke, wasn't it?

BOFsensai said...

Since you seem to like the old UK TV series 'The Prisoner' (as in another of your post titles: ' I am not a number'), I'll just add 'That would be telling...'