Sunday, 12 August 2007

Back to Blogger!

Tried with Wordpress for a while, but never really got to like their features... I don't know why exactly. It seems that I mostly like to play with the colourful widgets that Blogger allows me to add to my blog. How vain can you get??

Anyway, I also learned that while it is fairly easy to import blog postings from Blogger to Wordpress, vice versa is not possible! Hmm. So I had to copy and paste all my posts (not that impressively many - luckily, in this case) manually, losing pictures along the way and having to reupload them. Also, sadly I lost the few precious comments I had acquired while on Wordpress. Can't be helped, unfortunately. Hopefully there will be many more comments soon when I get in the swing of blogging again when it's BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!! Mixed feelings today...

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